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Our High Quality Sharpening Equipment

All your blades are sharpened using industry-leading equipment and technology, including the Catra i100 and Tormek T-8 Professional Knife Sharpening Systems, the Okami Twice as Sharp Professional Scissor Sharpening System, The Hira-To Flat Hone professional beauty scissor sharpening system, the Nebraska Big Red clipper blade sharpening system, the Pro-Edge Ultimate Sharpening System, and Record Power Honers and Polishers to ensure the best possible result. Using these state-of-the-art sharpening systems, we strive to provide a skilled service that will leave all your blades sharper than you could have imagined. These modern tools also allow more accurate sharpening, restoring blades to their original factory condition without the risk of over-sharpening and rapid loss of blade width.

We are fully certified by the UK Sharpening School, having undergone comprehensive training in the use of all the latest tools and methods, providing you with the peace of mind that your blades are in safe hands. We can work with a wide variety of blades, including kitchen and chefs knives, hairdresser, dog groomer, and barber scissors, gardening equipment, chisels and more, taking care to use the appropriate system and method to suit the specific blade.

Regardless of your needs, we have the ideal sharpening machines to leave all your blades in excellent condition. Read more about our high-tech equipment below, or get in touch today on 07908 653364 or at to see how we can help you.

The Hira- To Scissor Sharpening System

The Hira-To flat hone sharpening system provides the absolute best edge possible on high end convex hairdressing, dog grooming or barber scissors. Its fixture arm rotates allowing us to create an exact and perfect convex angle and can be set to sharpen both left and right-handed scissors. The Hira-To is designed to sharpen and convex hairdresser, barber, and grooming scissors.

Okami Twice as Sharp Scissor Sharpening System

To guarantee a quality result when sharpening your scissors, we use the high-tech Ookami Twice as Sharp system. As with our knife sharpening service, this system allows us to produce an incredibly sharp cutting edge, honed, polished, and hand finished according to the latest industry standards. The system enables us to sharpen a full range of scissors and shears, ensuring each will continue to cut accurately throughout their rigorous daily use.

The versatile Ookami system features a pliable 6000 grit Japanese waterstone and polishing wheel, ensuring the quick and skilled creation of exceptionally sharp edges. It also features a free-floating sharpening arm and clamp that allow accurate replication of the sharpening angle, as well as a tight hold to ensure the best, sharpest results.

Nebraska Big Red Clipper Blade Sharpening System

The Nebraska Big Red professional clipper blade sharpener is a precision flat hollow grinding machine with a 16” plate. After sharpening the blades are realigned and the tension is reset to the precise factory specification tolerances.

Corru- Gator

The Corru- Gator offers the most efficient method of corrugating your right or left-hand barber, pet grooming and fabric/ industrial scissors. It is fitted with a fine diamond wheel with 72 teeth per inch and allows us to create a corrugated cutting edge designed to hold fabrics and textiles in place which prevents them from sliding or bunching. A corrugated edge is also suitable for certain barber and pet grooming scissors where a corrugated finger blade which holds the hairs and stops them sliding is preferred.

Tormek T-8 Knife Sharpening System

We use the latest Tormek T-8 Sharpening System to sharpen, polish, and hone all your knives and blades with great precision, while also protecting their hardness and factory shape. This high-tech system allows us to sharpen all your blades according to the highest standards, with its fine abrasives and polishes removing any marks following the grinding process to guarantee a quality result.

The wet grinding method involved with this system promises a clean, polished edge without the risk of overheating, as the water helps keep the knife edge cool throughout the sharpening process. This system also removes less metal and allows the knife to keep its temper, significantly extending the life of your blades.

 Once we have finished the sharpening process, we then polish and hone the knife over three different stages to ensure the best possible finish.

Catra i100 Knife Sharpening System

The Catra i100 is the world’s best commercial knife sharpener producing the sharpest knives, proved by extensive tests. The system allows us to sharpen commercial knives fast with a consistent edge angles on every knife. It is safe. clean, does not need water, and light enough to carried, allowing us to sharpen on site if necessary, especially as the magnetic dust entrapment system prevents contamination of food process areas.

Extensive sharpness testing on the ISO 8442.5 tester reveals that levels of sharpness produced on the CATRA model I 100 are the highest consistently produced by any system. The edge life for given knife blade steel are also amongst the best achieved for re-sharpenable commercial use knives.

ProEdge Ultimate Sharpening System

To sharpen your gardening and woodworking equipment, we use the reliable, robust ProEdge Ultimate Sharpening System to deliver a quality result every time. This machine features an adjustable angle setter that locks securely into position, maintaining the appropriate angle for the duration of the sharpening process and allowing for a precise, factory sharp finish.

This sharpening system is a bench sander featuring a grit sharpening belt that runs over a flatbed, allowing us to re-profile or sharpen a wide range of blade sizes and types with ease. The abrasive belts can be easily changed and replaced according to the blade and the type of restorative work necessary. These grit belts are also designed to remove as little metal from the blade as possible, as well as reduce overheating in the blade by cutting away at the steel rather than rubbing it away. The minimal heat also helps the blade maintain its temper.

Record Power 6” Grinders

To provide your blades with the perfect, polished finish, we use two Record Power Grinders, machines known for their exceptional, long-lasting performance. Our grinders are set up with coarse and fine flap wheels, each able to accurately sharpen and shape a number of different blade types. These grinders also feature close and loose stitch mops, allowing for the quick and efficient removal of any grind marks, as well as careful, thorough polishing.

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What Our Client Say

Excellent service, very accurate and reliable. Knives are very sharp and Gary also gave me a few tips on how to keep them sharp longer! Definitively recommended.

Giovanni Colangelo

Just sharpening of a lawnmower blade that was done on the day without any fuss at all. Great service and excellent value. Will use Gary again in the future.

David Stappard

Excellent service. My knives, scissors and secateurs are all sharp now. 48hr service.

Susan harrison

So glad we found this guy. Sharpened my knifes with enthusiasm and commented that knives don’t have to be expensive to be of good quality. Will definitely recommend him

DidiandTony Merry

Gary did a great job on sharpening my set of Wusthof kitchen knives. The work was carried out to a high standard and I will not hesitate to recommend his work to others. I’ll definitely be be returning if I let my knives get back to the same situation!


Gary did a great job on sharpening my set of Wusthof kitchen knives. The work was carried out to a high standard and I will not hesitate to recommend his work to others. I’ll definitely be be returning if I let my knives get back to the same situation!


Gary is passionate about what he does and the service is unsurpassed – amazing in this day and age where it is easier to throw it away than fix it! Well done Gary – you are an inspiration and all 3 pairs of shears are now fantastic and working as they should!

Ros Kluckow

Fantastic service, professional, helpful and economical. Repaired a badly damaged knife that has sentimental value and is potentially over 100 years old. Highly recommend

Deborah Bernard

Professional service. Very efficient. Reasonable price. Knowledgeable about different varieties/brands of knives. Will continue to have my knives sharpened every 6-12 months!

Craig Mullan

A very passionate individual Gary has breathed new life into dull knifes which I thought past their best. But he managed to do the impossible. A really classy pro.

David Sheppard

Fantastic service, sharpened knives and a genuinely nice man to deal with. I will use Garry in the future and will recommend him to my contacts. John

Daniel O’Rigge

Reli nice guy very professional and extreamly interesting. Did a fantastic job an my axe. Will deffo be going back there

Ben Pereira

Gary did a great job. Really friendly and knowledgable. I would certainly go back

Joseph Devlin

Very professional service and great value for money.

Rob Shepperton

Our mission is to sharpen your blades whilst removing the least amount of metal.
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